For years we have been buying and removing problem cars Queensland-wide. We purchase problem vehicles across Queensland.

We know how difficult it can be to sell a car that has problems like being unroadworthy, unregistered, not starting, broken gearbox, burnt out clutch, faulty transmission, blown head gasket, seized or blown motor, damaged panels, exhaust issues, steering or other problems.

Using us is simple

Unlike most businesses that buy problem cars we do not make you go through the hassle of getting the vehicle to an inspection point. Instead simply fill in the form on our website and we will contact you to make arrangements. Give as much info about your problem car as possible, describing the condition of your vehicle and include some photos. We will come and see it offer the best price we can. It’s that simple.

a hand holding a wad of australian banknotes

It can take only take minutes out of your day for us to do our inspection and a short time later your problem car should be sold with barely any effort on your part. Oh and having a full pocket after we leave isn’t so bad either. So contact us and sell your problem car today!