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Some reasons to sell your used car.

Sell your unwanted car today for cash in BrisbaneHave you just had a gutful because you have been driving your used car for a while and you need a change?

Does your used car not start in the morning and you are late for work and on your last legs with the boss?

Does your unwanted car take ages to start because you haven’t had it serviced in ages?

Is the engine running so rough you panic each time you pull up at the lights?

Do you dread hill starts in Brisbane because your clutch or gearbox is stuffed?

Have you reached that milestone in kilometres travelled and you are just waiting for the timing belt or chain to fail?

Does you transmission take for ever to change up or down when you drive around Brisbane city– unwanted car?

Do you have to climb in through the passenger door because the driver’s door won’t open?

Do the windows of your unwanted car get stuck down especially when it rains?

Do I need to sell my car now?

Do I want cash to sell my wrecked car?

Does you unwanted car sometimes do nothing when you get in it?

No ignition lights, no start, no go anywhere?

Does the exhaust system on your unwanted car sound similar to a truck?

Well at we do want your unwanted car!

“I really needed to sell my car in Brisbane and the team from Buy Your Problem Car made the process easy and I got a great price for my car!”

Melanie Griffiths.

As well as your unwanted car in Brisbane, what about all the other associated unwanted hassles?

  • Sell it yourself privately?
  • Pay to obtain a safety certificate?
  • Sell without a safety certificate?
  • Where to advertise – EBay? Gumtree? Carsales?
  • When will someone call?
  • I’ll have to make allowances in case someone calls and wants to view the car?
  • Are they going to turn up as agreed?
  • Do I sell or do I hold on?
  • I’ll have to ensure the transfer documentation for the sale is correct if applicable – is it applicable?
  • Better check the Department of Transport & Main Roads website?
  • When are they going to take the car, how are they going to transport the vehicle?

At we talk to many broken car owners who have travelled this path previously and only after experiencing these frustrations they have wished that they had spoken to one of our friendly team members and asked for our assistance. Call us today to sell my junk car now!We buy unwanted cars that are sometimes lemons and fix 'em up again!


How Selling Your Unwanted Car in Brisbane Works.


  • Ask yourself do you need to sell your car in Brisbane?
  • You contact us through our website or direct call to one of our Brisbane team members
  • You share you vehicle details of make, model, problem etc.
  • We arrange for one of our buyers to inspect your car
  • Both agree on the purchase/sale of the car
  • We buy cars for cash!
  • Transactions are completed
  • Unwanted car – gone!