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At we believe that we can stake a claim also as vehicle recyclers. However our primary purpose is to buy vehicles with engine, transmission, electrical, computer or damage problems that we believe are viable to repair and then recycle the vehicle back into the market to be driven again.  We see ourselves as the ultimate recycler as we also will dismantle/wreck or scrap a vehicle if we believe that it would not be viable to repair and recycle back as a driveable again.

We buy cars in Brisbane with problems, then recycle them to make them as good as new!We also use the option to buy recycled parts where necessary in the repair and restoration of our problem cars. Our network of qualified repairers work with vehicle recyclers to source where it is an option recycled, reconditioned parts.

Because our priority is to buy broken cars to repair in Brisbane and then recycle back onto the road you can be best assured that we will evaluate your broken car as something of a greater value and not just for parts or scrapping. If in our opinion the costs to repair and recycle your car back on to the road are not viable we are happy to still make an offer to purchase your car.  We provide you with all the information and you can make the decision on what you want to do – no hassles – no pressure – no obligation.

Recent Example of a Recycled Vehicle in Brisbane:

Ford-transitVehicle: 2006 Ford Transit, Mid Wheel Base, Mid Roof Van, Turbo Diesel Manual Van.

Owner: Private owner on the Gold Coast who had owned the car for a number of years.

Problem: Mechanical issues – Unable to be diagnosed by owners’ repairer and after some months owner left frustrated and with a car that he no longer wanted.

Action: Owner got in contact with – We discussed the details of the owners’ car and agreed on an estimated value – subject to inspection and confirmation of the vehicles details/condition.

Sold: We purchased the vehicle paying the owner cash on the spot, loaded the vehicle onto the tow truck and transported the vehicle directly to our repairers’ workshop.

Repairs: The vehicle was diagnosed for the mechanical problems that it had and the necessary repairs were undertaken to restore the vehicle.

Recycled: The vehicle was then sold into the wholesale vehicle market to a buyer who is “recycling” the van by fitting it out as a camper van.

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