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Are you looking to sell your problem or broken car in Brisbane?
Are your car problems with the engine, transmission, computer, electrical or all of these?
Is your vehicle accident damaged?
Is your preference a quick, easy and no hassles settlement?
Look no further, contact us at Buy Your Problem Car.
Complete and submit details via the form below or you can call one of our helpful team to discuss your problem car.

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damage-01Backed with more than 35 years of specialist experience in the motor industry, our trusted problem car buyers provide expert solutions in a prompt and timely manner.

Selling a problem car has never been so easy. We will give you a free valuation on your problem car, pay you instantly, and collect your car from anywhere within the SE Qld regions.

There are no hidden fees we pay the purchase price we agree on with you. No safety certificate required; No stamp duty payable; No transfer fees; No admin fees; No transport costs.

Have you used any of the below words or phrases to describe your problem car in Brisbane – the team at Buy Your Problem Car Brisbane are available to talk to you.

Broken car Unwanted car Faulty car
Bad car My Car need works Junk car
Salvage only car Non running car Non goer car
My Car not going Car is a piece of shit Shit box car
Electrical problems Computer faulty Computer issues
Blown head gasket Engine cooked Engine blown
Engine overheated Engine issues Transmission issues
Transmission faulty Transmission slipping Accident damaged car
Damaged car Repairable write off car Written off car
Engine faults Transmission faults Computer faults
My Cars Stuffed Engines seized My car needs work
Engine failure Transmission failure Engine problems
Transmission problems Computer broken Nothing works
No Going Broken engine Broken transmission
My car is a lemon My engines busted My transmissions busted
My car needs an engine My car needs a transmission My car needs TLC
My Car’s dead Engine needs replacement Gearbox needs replacement
Engine needs repairs Gearbox needs repair Body needs work
Knock in the engine Warped head Pistons gone


Definitions of a Problem Car:

If the problem you are having with your car is major or minor it doesn’t matter. If it is a problem, talk to us and let us provide you with an option to make the problem go away.

Convenient, Hassle-Free, Simple, Safe and Reliable

If you’ve ever tried to sell a problem or broken car privately in Brisbane you’ll know that it can be very difficult to reach a buyer interested in taking on a problem car. You could end up with your problem car sitting in your garage or driveway, not able to be driven and decreasing in value.
We offer a convenient, hassle free, simple, safe and reliable option to sell your problem or broken car in Brisbane at a fair market value.

When we both agree on the sale we pay you instantly

We understand how having a problem car can affect your household. The inconvenience and stress of a breakdown, having to make the decision to sell because it is too costly to repair, place your problem car on the market, wait for a buyer to call, negotiate the sale and then complete the ownership transfers – talk to us we make the whole process stress free!
You’ll want to sell your problem car and start looking for a new car as soon as possible.
We won’t leave you waiting around. We’ll pay you straight away before we take delivery of your problem car. You could have the funds for selling your problem car cleared into your bank account or by arrangement we can pay cash, so call us now!

How It Works

  • You contact us through our website or direct call to one of our team members
  • You share you vehicle details of make, model, problem etc.
  • We arrange for one of our buyers to inspect your car
  • Both agree on the purchase/sale of the car
  • Transactions are completed
  • Problem car – gone!

Just want an idea of what your problem car could be valued at?

If you are just looking for a “free” no obligations estimation we can provide this as a preliminary step prior to inspecting and valuing your vehicle in person.

Complete our online form providing your vehicles details, including information of known problems and where possible any quotes you have received for the repairs of your car.

We will respond within 24 hours with a “free” no obligations estimation.

We buy problem cars of any make and model that

  • Have failed a safety certificate/road worthiness certificate
  • Have a major or minor mechanical or electrical problem
  • Have been damaged in an accident
  • Have been written off or is a reparable write off

Problem Cars – What To Do When Facing Expensive Garage Repair Bills?

Car Problems affect most of us at one time or another during our driving lifetimes, repairs can be extremely expensive – sometimes exceeding the value of our cars and running into thousands of dollars.

With engine parts often very expensive, even the cheapest garage may land you with a bill in excess of $75.00 + GST per hour – and that’s only to cover the labour!

Types of Vehicles Bought:

We buy all makes and models in these types of motor vehicles:

Cars, Vehicles, SUV, Station Wagons, Sedans, Coupes, Convertibles, Automobiles, 4WD, Off Road, Vans, Panel Vans, Utes, Utility, Utilities, Light Commercial, Medium Commercial, Heavy Commercial, Trucks, Rigid Body Trucks, Pantech Trucks, Tow Trucks, Prime Movers, Forklifts, Jalopy, Vintage & Classic Hot Rod.

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